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At Directive, our mission is to build amazing competitive online games! Please check out our games below, read a bit more about us, and follow us on social media!

About Us

We are a team of veteran game developers, focused on developing amazing competitive online game experiences and the technology that drives them.

We have released two games already (below), with a couple more in development that we hope to be able to talk about soon. Please do not hesitate to connect with us if you want to know more, or if you believe you can contribute to our cause!


Competitive Tactical Arena VR Shooter

Super Kaiju is a competitive multiplayer tactical arena VR shooter, where players earn XP, level up and collect loot crates filled with abilities, skins and more!  


The Machines
World´s first competitive online AR game

Announced at the Apple iPhone X Keynote in September 2017, The Machines is a moba-inspired AR PVP game where players build an army of robots, and duke it out against a friend in person or online. Learn more...



127 Anyuan Road 
Shanghai, PRC




The Machines